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About the team of Butter & Cream

The Team behind Butter & Cream Publishing House:

Publishing administration - Also named The chiefs!

Director: M. "Coffee" Hardten

Name: M. "Coffee" Hardten
Task: to have the final say, search for new talents!
Likes: coffee machines, Hikaru no Go and nature.
Motto:"A lie will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on!"





Secretary: "Irm-Li" Hohman

Name: A. "Irmi-li" Hohman
Task: finances, brainstorming with coffee.
Likes: sun and vacation, crime movies, Ghibli films.
Motto: "So many conventions - pooh !"





Editorial staff - better confesses as the accomplices!


Name: "Eggi-Kun"
Task: Editor, producing the best fan articles.
Likes: Tim & Struppi, D.Conan, travelling,Bosnia.
Motto: "Thank you for the snack, you little sausage!!!"

Email: On Request.




Daniel Klein


Name: Daniel aka Dannyboy.
Taks: beeing mistaken for an Irishman, web design, graphic and mistake-accomodation.
Likes: ice cream, board games, fast cars.
Motto:"If this is the way of torment, you can chain me to the wall!"


Ef somethink is wrong here,it is hith faught!



CONVENTION-TEAM - aka "the Pros"!


Name: "J-san"
Task: At the moment awfully lazy, therefore, only Azubine.
Likes: Music, reading, shopping.
Motto: "I am young and I need the money! "






Name: "P-chan"
Task: Press, Moderations.
Likes: Her Band, Summer, Sun, Movies.
Motto: "That's so "unprofessional" - Hö,hö!!"





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